Saturday, May 24, 2014

Best (Mostly) Practical Gifts for Father's Day

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Father's day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 15th) and if you are shopping online,  there is no time like the present to order your dad a little something special for the holiday.

However,  if your dad is anything like mine, a lot of these cutesy ideas on pinterest are not going to work. My dad would of course appreciate anything that I got him, but I want it to be something he will actually use and enjoy.

That means no  decorations, picture frames, and, for my dad, nothing golf related!

My dad is a fishing fool who also enjoys hunting, Nascar, grilling and smoking meats. If your dad also enjoys those things look at the specific list below. If not, use it as inspiration. 

This guide just also happens to be budget friendly too!

P.s. I found etsy a lot more useful on this ground than pinterest.

Funny/Nerdy T-shirts
Such as Stephanie Jane Designs or etsy listings.

Very practical, but very fun. Give your dad the gift of showing off how awesome of a kid they have by getting a shirt that he loves.

P.s. If you don't understand this shirt, leave right now and go watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I promise, you will thank me for it later. 

Fun, Rustic or "Sporting" Soap

Soaps aren't just gifts for women! Men can also enjoy a nice smelling bar of soap. But let's make it a little more manly, eh? My favorite are fishing soaps (help you not smell so human so you can catch more fish!), gun or Darth Vader shaped soaps, and rustic looking soaps wrapped in tree bark.

Dry Rub 

If you're dad loves to grill or smoke meat, why not give him a variety pack of dry rubs to try out. Who knows, maybe you're gift to him will turn out to be a treat for you :)

Herbs and Gourmet Salts

If your dad loves to cook, give him the gift of gourmet and let him experiment in the kitchen!

Popcorn salts

Have a movie loving or popcorn loving dad? Then a variety of popcorn salts may be just what he didn't know he wanted. I also love this because you can play around with the presentation and make it look really special. (Just please don't get him Twilight like the picture above!)

Portable Charger

Such as ikeep or juice cube

What I like about this is that techy dad's and non techy dad's alike can enjoy this useful and practical gift (as long as they have an iphone, though they may work with anything than can charge with a usb charger.). This would be perfect for any dad that goes hiking, hunting, fishing, sporting, camping or anything outdoorsy. This way he can keep his phone charged when he is away from electricity.

P.s. The "Juice Cube" is made in the U.K. so, shipping may be a bit expensive. 

Custom Made Candy Bar
Such as Chocomize

I love this gift so much that I've given it for almost every occasion. . . Father's day, Christmas, Birthdays etc. It's relatively inexpensive,  and it's much better than regular chocolate because you can completely customize it to you're dad's (or whoever's) tastes!

So, there you have it! My Father's Day Gift Guide. I hope you enjoyed it! Is there anything you would add or take away? I hope I helped! I know this guide is full of links, but I am in no way being compensated or sponsored for this post. These are just things that I would buy for my dad and father-in-law! 

Here's to getting Dad a gift he will love.

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