Monday, May 26, 2014

Days of Kailey Past

Monday, May 26, 2014
 photo lifeslittlelessons_zps31e0afdd.pngWere you one of the people that helped X-Men: Days of Future Past a smash at the box office this weekend?

Well I was. It was well worth it to see in theaters instead of waiting for it to come out on redbox. 

Despite what you may be thinking, this will not be a review. On that front all I am going to say is despite some continuity issues with the timeline and such, it's an excellent movie and I would recommend that you go see it. Though, it will make more sense to you if you have seen previous movies. 

*Spoiler Alert* There is a scene in the movie where young Professor X gets to talk to the older and wiser Professor X, and old Professor X gives this really great speech to inspire his younger self. 

It got me thinking, what would I say if I could talk to my younger self. Would I tell myself to not date someone because of the eventual heartbreak? Would I try to change anything?

 Or would I simply give myself hope. Telling my younger self that life will not turn out the way I my thirteen year old mind is planning it, but that it will all work out for the best. 

Would I try to convince myself to not be such a people pleaser, and do what I want to do (being respectful still, of course). 

Would I give myself confidence?

Would I tell myself to not be so boy crazy? 

Honestly, I am not sure what I would say, but I do know this:

I would not change a thing. Sure, looking back on my life now I see things that I wish I would have done differently or that I would have chosen differently. I can see personality traits that developed that maybe I would try to weaken (people pleasing only, low self-worth). 

But all of these things lead me to where I am now.
They made me the person that I am now. 
I still have struggles, and I am working to make my life better each and every day.
But you know what? I am pretty darn happy and I wouldn't want to risk that if I made different choices, I wouldn't be where I am now. 

Life is a learning experience. We learn from the choices that we make and our circumstances, good or bad. If we can take those experiences and have them mold us, shape us, and help us create a more joyful, fulfilling life then I am all in. 
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