Friday, July 26, 2013

Real or Fake? Wedding Flowers 101

Friday, July 26, 2013
There are so many decisions you'll have to make for your wedding, including choosing flowers for just about everything. So, you'll need some things: inspiration and information.

Luckily, I'm going to give you both. 

First, let's go over all of the things you'll need flowers for (let me know if I missed any):

1. Bridal Bouquet
2. Extra Bridal Bouquet to toss (unless you don't want to keep yours.)
3. Bridesmaids Bouquets 
4. Groom's Boutonniere
5. Groomsmen Boutonnieres 
6. Decoration for Wedding (optional)
7. Decoration for Reception (optional)

So, as you can see thats a LOT of flowers!
How do you keep them from clashing or just looking like a wild mess?
I suggest, picking a color (and maybe a complimentary color) and picking a theme or complimentary flowers.

For instance, for my wedding, I chose to stick with the color white for flowers.

I had a white Peony bouquet.

My groom had white orchid.

My bridesmaids had a single long stemmed white peony each.

 And his groomsmen had a less fancy orchid. 

(Photo Credit: Dawn Photography)

For my reception, we were going for a fairy tale theme, so we chose red roses for the table centerpieces. 

So, do some research and pick out a color,theme and/or your favorite flowers. 
Also, while you're doing your research, find out which flowers will be in season the time of your wedding. This will keep the cost down and the smiles up!

Fake or Real?

This is a personal decision that each bride and groom will have to make. Fake or real flowers?
There is no real RIGHT answer, it just depends on what you want.

Pro: Cheaper, lasts longer.
Con: Can look "fake".
Pro: Looks great.
Con: Expensive, can fade/brown/loose petals.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This is your wedding, there are a lot of decisions and ultimately, its up to YOU. Follow some tips, find some inspiration, and make your own plans. It can be overwhelming but just breathe and stay organized, don't worry, you got this!
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