Saturday, August 13, 2016

Monthly Mayhem: 3.7 (July 2016)

Saturday, August 13, 2016
 photo 8bb9e93d-ef70-4113-8ca8-1ce2b7d16d9a_zps84349199.jpg I've been so absent. Work has been super busy. I get home exhausted.

So, besides work being insane, not much else has happened.

I baked bread for my second time ever! It turned out delicious. I think I may get the hang of this!

 photo bread_zpsslxpsrev.jpg I knit an adorable pumpkin hat for a co-worker at work's baby. I hope I'll get to see a picture of the baby in it as some point!

 photo pumpkin hat_zpsqpbelpdp.jpg I am still loving knitmoregirls podcast!

John and I are still playing Pokemon Go... he is a much higher level than I am but, guess who has the Pikachu?

I am learning to crochet! That has been an adventure!

I've also been re-watching Gilmore Girls.... apparently, I missed most of season 3. Who knew?
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