Monday, June 13, 2016

For the Love of Knitting

Monday, June 13, 2016
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Welcome to my knitting update. Care to think of a catchy name for me? Thanks, doll!

Bound Off 
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I finally finished this super yummy scarf! Yes its summer and I am wearing a scarf in 90 degree weather! It actually is quite breathable though, if I were outside all day it may be a little much. It's the Ribbed Lace Scarf by Pearl Avenue, which you can grab here (its free!)

This was actually really fun and super easy to knit! Also, I love the yarn that I used. Not the most practical color, sure, but it is so beautiful and soft (especially for acrylic). Its Uptown DK in colorway Desert Rose.

Cast On 

Since the next few projects I want to work on are all longer projects, I decided I needed to knit something short so I don't get burned out. Enter the Vintage Knit Tie Headband from Mama in a Stitch which you can find here.  It is so freaking adorable! I am knitting mine with some leftover black yarn. Not the most exciting color but my entire wardrobe consist of black and grey so I think its a good start. Depending on how this goes I may knit up a few in every color! Good stash buster.

In the Pipe 

My next three knitting projects are all cowls.

One for John/Me for when we get colds from Purl Soho (see here)

one for me because it's awesome... and really more like a scarf than a cowl (color your own? yes please! mine is grey, white and yellow)   from (see here)

& one for my mom just because it looks so freaking cool  and I want to try it but it's not my style. (see here)

I would add the pictures here but I don't want to violate copyright or something. Just clicky the links!

Reading/Listening To... 

I just found out that knitting podcast exist. I know, I know, I am way behind. I have lots of catching up to do! Currently, I am loving the Knitmore Girls Podcast.  (BTW, they followed me back on instagram as did Staci from Very Pink Knits and I fangirled so hard!!Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds this exciting!)
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