Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Future Is Now

Thursday, April 14, 2016
You know how I said I'd be back? Yeah.... that was almost a month ago. Yeah, I know I failed. But here's to finally getting my thoughts together and on the page.  You may want to skip this post, and that is fine. I am getting my bearings for what I want this new age of blogging to be. Its rambly, it not that interesting, and there are no pictures... you've been warned.

First off, I've been thinking a lot about this blog, and whether or not I should keep it. I have decided that I absolutely want to keep it. I am even worse at journaling than I am at writing on this blog if you can believe it! And I truly believe that we are commanded to keep a record, and I know that for me personally, it is extremely important for me to keep a record. I am thinking that maybe keeping this blog and striving to keep it regularly updated help me to become more motivated to do that. Now that I am out of school, its not that I don't have time, it's that I don't have the energy to go across the room to grab the laptop. So, yes, blog stays. Great. What does that mean?

I've been thinking a bit about what I want this blog to be. I definitely want to keep up with the Monthly Mayhem, and let's be honest, I won't be able to stop myself from posting my soap-box style post so "Life's Little Lessons" will for sure stay on. Also, I would love to post my knitting creations, to document my progress, and just to share with the world. So, expect more Cozy Housewife post. I don't think High Five for Friday will stay on... and now I am rambling!!   I know that I don't have  a traditional blog, but that's okay. I've come to terms with that. I have finally figured out my goal for this blog. Its not to make money, its not to be popular or have a following or go viral. My goal is to record my life. Record my thoughts and feeling. Record how Heavenly Father is in every aspect of our lives. I also want to share things, to help others if and when I can even in small and simple ways, whether that is if I come up with a cool activity for Young Women or a printable... so, expect those things every so often, but that will not be the primary goal.

I hope this blog will stay with me for years to come. I may eventually want to move away from blogger, but we are far from that day. For now, I'll stay here and try to get back into the swing of things.

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