Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monthly Mayhem: The Greenwood's Ninth Month!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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I'm a little late on getting this up, and I feel as if February was so long ago.  

February was a short month but plenty of things happened!

- We started car shopping

- We decided on and bought a sectional (On clearance! Didn't get it till March though so, you'll have to wait to see what it looks like ;) )

- We were in our last leg of the January session at school.

- Valentines Day! John got me an awesome sugar scrub for my hands and an IOU for a date at the Melting Pot in St. Louis. 

- I got him a personalized cookie jar. (Because of a video. They asked a couple how they stayed together so long and the guy said, "because she keeps the cookie jar full!")

- Our good friends had a baby and she is adorable! It gave me  a little bit of baby fever but I know, I know.... degree first, then babies.

- We bought a treadmill (and set it up ourselves, mind you... well, okay, John did most all of the heavy lifting and assembly... but I helped! Kinda)

- I started this awesome challenge called 100 Days of Happiness.

I can't figure out if my memory is bad or if February really was that uneventful. March will be much more exciting... It has been already! I feel like February just set us up for a fun and awesome March. 

P.S. It feels like Spring is here! Please let it be so! 
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