Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life's Little Lessons: Priorities

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
 photo a1937972-7a96-4b3a-91c9-3747d9dea292_zps1682c2ec.jpg I have some shocking news for you all.

I am not my first priority. . . and neither is my husband. 

and guess what? I'm not his. 
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If I had kids, they wouldn't be my first priority either. My Lord and Savior and Heavenly Father are my first priority.

Does that mean I don't care about myself, my husband, or my future kids? Of course not! They are still priorities, just not my number one. They are all important.  

My priorities go a little something like this... God, John, (kids would go here),Family,  Friends, Me. and so on and so forth. 

Does this mean I let others walk all over me? No. Not for the most part, and when I do, its not because of misplaced priorities, its just because of my people pleasing personality. 

If I was in a harmful situation, then of course I should get out of it, even if its done by one of my higher priorities. 

The wonderful thing about priorities is that they all fall into each other like a Russian Doll. God doesn't want me to neglect my husband, my husband wouldn't want me to neglect our kids, our kids will want to see their family, and so on and so forth. 

Additionally, the priorities actually help each other out. If I have a good relationship with my heavenly Father, I will have a better relationship with my husband. Better relationship with my husband equals a better relationship with and example to my future kids, etc. All of which help my mental health.

It is important to keep priorities in perspective.

Especially in this world, where we are lead to believe that grades define us. 

Where being successful means having a big house, a fancy car and a lot of money to blow. 

Where we are constantly bombarded with ads and articles telling us that it is all about us. That we should be our number one priority. 

Can you imagine a world where everyone acted like that? If you don't believe me think of one of the "best" and kindest people you know... or just think of Mother Teresa. Does his or her goodness come from making themselves the priority or from making God and/or others the priority?   

Take a moment today to really ponder what your priorities are. It will help guide you and actually reduce a lot of stress. For instance, being reminded that school isn't my number one priority is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

Your priorities don't have to be in the same order as mine, but really think on them and maybe even write them down for future reference. 

P.s. I've decided to call these little rambling posts of mine "Life's Little Lessons"... Even if they aren't lessons for you, they are lessons for me! That I'm either learning or re-learning/emphasizing/remembering. 

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