Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Friday v3

Friday, February 28, 2014
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 Are you happy its Friday? I know I am! This week has been crazy. School ends next week and I still have 3 more papers to write. What is this madness?

 So, earlier this week, I stumbled upon this thing... a few of you may have heard of it. Its called 100 Happy Days . Basically, its a challenge to post a picture of something that makes you happy each day for 100 days! I chose Instagram as my mode of posting so, if you follow me on there, sorry for the repeat pictures! (username is thehuntress31 if you want to follow)

Played with the kitty cats and had a lazy day on Sunday :) (this Sunday we are supposed to get a huge snow storm! Boo!

I got to relax with my hubby on Monday night!

Our new pantry storage cabinet thing finally arrived! The plan was that John would do the pantry organizing and I would do the dvd organizing. Well, I came home after school on Tuesday to find that he had done them both! Isn't he a sweetie?!

On Wednesday, John decided to come home early and we ended up getting some Chipotle, which I had been craving for AGES!

I'm still working up a storm on my next knitting project. Any tips on knitting faster? I'm still pretty new so maybe that's it but I'm like Ricky Bobby over here... I wanna go fast!

Oh yeah... I made brownies for John but I've been eating them all week. Brownie sundaes are totally worth all the carbs and such right? ...right?

What can I say? Its a crazy life I live!
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