Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

Thursday, August 8, 2013
As a newly married couple, it is important to us that we do something together. Even if that something is simply sitting down to watch a movie or a television show. 
Sometimes, after a long stressful day at work (more him than me, my jobs not stressful... yet), cuddling with your sweetie on the couch to watch your favorite tv show can be just as sweet as going out on a fancy date.
Its not always what your doing, but how your doing it, and/or who you are doing it with.
In honor of that, here are the Top 5 shows we watch together. 

1. Teen Wolf- John actually got me hooked on this one. I was (and am) a die hard Vampire Diaries fan so, I didn't really feel like I needed more Werewolf drama in my life. Boy, was I wrong. This show sucked me in by the second time I watched it.  The only reason it didn't the first episode is because I didn't start at the beginning so I was super confused. Honey, I think we should get netflix just so I can start from Season One, k? 

2. Castle- Yet another show that John got me into. I had always thought it was interesting but never really watched it. Now, I can't stop! Its everything we love about Criminal Minds and its funny. Oh, and I love Castle and Beckett.

3. The Big Bang Theory- I am proud to say, I was a fan of this show way before John and I started watching it together. This show is just so funny but not in a dumb way, which is always appreciated. Its also light hearted which we sometimes need after watching this next one...

4. Criminal Minds- Criminal Minds is just so intriguing. It sucks you in.... and makes you afraid to go anywhere alone. EVER. But, we still love it. Confession: Before John and I started dating I had a HUGE crush on Reid. (Let's be honest, the only girls that don't are just crushing on Morgan)

5. How I Met Your Mother - I think, like most people, we watch this show partly because we want to know who Ted is going to end up with... but, we mostly just watch it because of Barney. Sure, we like the other characters as well but, Barney just makes the show. Scene-stealer you, Neil Patrick Harris.

Obviously, I would highly recommend all of these shows... though of course I have my own more girly favorites in addition to these! But these are great shows to watch as a couple!

What are your favorite tv shows?

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