Monday, June 30, 2014

Quest for Health: Exercise Challenge

Monday, June 30, 2014
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I don't know about you, but I am horrible at committing... to exercise regimens that is. Part of it is lack of will power. The bed is just so warm and comfy, and it pulls me back in. Or when I get home from work, the couch is just so soft and inviting. The other part of t is that I don't have any real fitness goals. I know I don't really need to loose weight, I just want to tone. So, because I can't see immediate results, I loose my motivation.

But, sometimes even that doesn't work. Ever since I've learned about this awesome website called, I've changed my goals to be a bit more meaningful and specific. Though, still broad, my main goals now are to get healthy so that I can become strong and gain more energy. These are great goals, and keep me wanting to work out, but somedays, laziness and procasitination win and I get out of the habit and down the rabbit hole I go.

[Side note: Nerdfitness is an awesome website that takes fitness and makes it real. No gimmicks to get you to try to buy anything. It uses gaming philosophies to motivate its readers to workout. Things like "level up your life." There is fun stuff for non gamers as well.  And no, they are not paying me, I just want to share the love!]

One of the main philosophies at Nerdfitness is to exercise in a way that you love. Something that you find fun. That way, you won't  dread working out. The problem with this for me, is that the exercise that I find fun is swing dancing and gymnastics. Both are not really fun/wise to do at home and yet I don't have time/money to take classes at the moment. I am sure I will find other forms of working out fun, however, I'm not sure what those are yet.

The Solution:

Enter Jessica Smith from jessicasmithtv on youtube.

I follow Jessica on youtube and have done several of her workout videos. I've really enjoyed the ones that I've done and she is easy to follow. While I was scrolling my subscription box, I found the perfect thing for me: 31 Day Ab Challenge starting July 1st! I was a little worried, since it seems to be targetting a certain area and I was worried it was going to leave other out... good for core strength, but not much else. However, listening to her intro video, it sounds like she is very concerned about making sure the exercises are balanced. It seems perfectly in line with everything that I am learning about fitness and I am super excited to get started.
This is also going to be great because I can try out different types of workouts and see which ones I enjoy the most.

If you would like to join me so that we can support each other in this 31 day challenge let me know in the comments!

I'm also thinking of doing little updates on my challenge to keep me accountable! Let me know if you's be interested in that!
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